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Document for redesign/critique

Ryan Wattonville


Document Redesign Memo


Target Audience/Purpose

  • Document is aimed at undergraduate students and specifically those interested in the mentioned fields
  • This document is meant to inform undergraduate students in environmental science of a panel discussing career opportunities and hopefully convince them to attend

Issues with the original

  • Overall it lacked contrast
  • There were headings, but all the text seemed to fade into a blob and it was all too centered
  • Does a good job of laying out important info like date and time, but fails to explain anything about the panel until a small box at the end
  • All in all was very bland and unenticing


  • Got rid of ugly header and footer, and opted for a pretty abstract header that is much more interesting
  • Changed all the fonts
  • Everything but title is in the same font with headings in bold
  • Moved the date and time to the left and placed the description paragraph underneath
  • Placed a map next to the time, date, and description
  • Moved the list of fields to the very bottom and reorganized them as a group
  • Moved contact info to the bottom
  • Added lines for clarity

Design Principles

  • Mostly alignment and proximity
  • There is contrast in the font size, but the alignment of the two headings is what makes the more important info obvious
  • Also aligning the two “paragraphs” gives the document a nicer flow and aesthetic
  • Proximity helps create two groups
  • The first group being when, where, and what the discussion is and the second being why it is relevant

Unresolved Problems

  • I know it should be professional, but I still feel like I failed to make it look all that interesting and intriguing, but I’m not an environmental science undergrad
  • I also didn’t know enough about the actual event to provide a better description that would be more enticing and informative    docredesign Original Document

Japan Passes democracy-muzzling Patriot Act

Japan Passes democracy-muzzling Patriot Act

Last Friday night Japan’s government past the Bill on the Protection of State Secrets with the support of the Obama Administration. The bill is basically Japan’s version of the Patriot Act and serves as a much needed tool in stopping information leaks from Japan. Prior to the passing of the bill, Japan had very little power in punishing those who gave up Japanese intelligence. The bill does not come without adversity however. Protests are not all that common in Japan, but a large crowd of people gathered outside parliament to express their discontent with the bill. They fear that whistleblowers will be treated extremely unfairly and that their freedom of speech may be at risk.

This article lists four ways in which this bill could be a means to act against democracy. The first is that to invade the opinions of other people is considered terrorism. The bill could make protests a reason for incarceration. The second is that it threatens investigative journalism by making examining classified documents illegal. Journalists are one of the few conduits for news that the public has and this bill could force everyone away from the profession. Thirdly, the term “secret” is loosely defined and could make everything the government did unexposed to the public. The public keeps the government in check and has to be knowledgable of the government in order to vote accurately.  Finally, Japan already has a bill that ensures the public receive disclosures from the government.  Without this the people could know nothing about what is happening within the government.

I immediately thought of the topics we discussed in this class due to this bill’s ability to basically make protesting illegal.  Protests are pretty much a last resort for people in America and often the only way to give attention to important governmental issues.  The bill sets Japan up for potentially running a dictatorship.